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Eco Trumpet Bag

Eco trumpet bag made of used truck tarps, ad banners and safety car belts.

This ecological case for trumpet by Crea-Re comes after testing the first prototype for 2 years in rehearsal rooms, clubs, bars and for over 10.000 km on the road. It comes reinforced, more capacious for accessories and practical to carry.

For this first model we chose a banner reminiscent of travel and old jazz club atmosphere. The brass and woodwind line will also soon be expanded for trombone and sax.

The Eco trumpet bag is internally padded with 1cm of high density foam that great protects your trumpet from any accidents. Soft ecological fur optimizes the protection of your trumpet and keeps it always clean.

The eco trumpet bag has two adjustable pillows inside, made of ecological fur and foam, that give stability and even more protection to the trumpet.

The bell is reinforced by strong board giving more protection to your trumpet.

Inside, on the bottom, there’s a pocket that fits A4 size sheets. It’s located on the bottom for additional protection.

Another little pocket inside is designed to hold the mouthpiece.

Two external pouches allow you to carry additional accessories for your trumpet, a smartphone and all you need to make great music.

Two strong and practical handles made of car safety belt allow you to easily carry your eco trumpet bag.

The bag has also a removable shoulder strap made of car safety belt to carry your eco trumpet bag like a classic bag or like a backpack.

Snap hooks, head zipper and rings are made in high quality nickel free metal.

Check other models available ready to ship here or contact us for a custom music bag order

Only few models available.

Each piece is unique, handmade, rainproof, washable and 101% eco-friendly.

Designed to fit several trumpet models.

The best way to have your unique, personal eco trumpet bag for your precious Bach, Yamaha, Getzen, Allora, King, Conn etc.

Internal Measures:
Leight 53,5 cm x height 25,29 cm
Bell diameter: 14,1 cm
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