Cymbals up 22"
Buddy Rich

Eco Cymbal Bag

Ecological bag for cymbals

The constant search for a quality and durable eco-friendly gig-bag combined with the unique synthesis of authentic design and modern style created the right circumstances for the birth of Crea-Re brand.
Merging traditional Italian craftsmanship methods with sustainability and extreme outdoor materials, Crea-Re Music Bag Line represents not only superior cymbals protection, but an ethical, ecologic and technological improvement in luggage design.

Our eco bags respond to modern day requirements, giving the musician trusty carrying equipment built with upcycled strong and resistant materials. Building our products considers taking No Shortcut, this is perceived by our customer in the first moment the bags are used, premium feel and attention to details. You instantly feel that the case is made for you, this is even more present when considering that there are not 2 cases alike, graphics always change.

This is our edge above the industrial products and at the same time, our challenge.
Each Crea-Re Bag is ecologic, light, unique, stylish and resistant. Thanks our design and materials, the traveling experience with your cymbals has never been so enjoyable, special, ethic and aesthetic.

Crea-Re upcycles extreme durable materials such as: truck tarpaulins, advertising banners, bike inner tubes, paragliding wires, climbing wires, car seat belts, etc. All these materials are originally projected to protect people or goods and resist the elements along thousands and thousands of miles. Some of these also keep safe human life traveling, flying or climbing mountains. For these reasons all these materials have great durability, flexility and resistant to elements.

Crea-Re design is specifically thought to elevate the range of these materials and create unique and ecological design objects.Each product designed by Crea-Re is based on a few but important golden rules: comfort and practicality in use, portability during travel, optimal ratio of weight / resistance, optimal instrument protection and uniqueness.
Materials upcycled by Crea-Re are really difficult to recycle ecologically otherwise. They are of regional origin, so no more pollution for further travels. They are cleaned in an environmental friendly way with hot water, frozen dew, organic products such as vinegar, baking soda and home soap. In this way we help to reduce the pollution (our Heart needs Centuries to degrade those materials) and the world waste production.

Each Crea-Re Eco Bag is totally handmade. All materials are cut and assembled by Marco’s hands. Each model is patched to be unique just like you. Each bag is sewed by Marco or by Mrs Tereza.

Crea-Re cases are built using only high-test materials with extreme resistance to the elements such as truck tarps and/or Ad banner, paragliding wires, safety car belt.
The zippers are resistant to thousands of openings and closings. The accessories are designed and chosen to tackle traction and extreme weights. Each bag is carefully examined for integrity, strength and durability.
All used materials are usually projected to last and protect even human life.

Rock solid, industrial webbing handles come standard on Crea-Re cases. Bar-tack stitching reinforces for strength, while high grade safety car belt provides a super comfortable grip.
Padded shoulder straps providing an high comfortable use.

Crea-Re bags come standard with Powder-coated zipper pulls and self-healing nylon zippers. Double zippers on big compartments also double their lifespan.

HANDMADE TO PROTECT YOUR CYMBALSAn internal sleeve protects and keep divided and protected your cymbals on the go. The high dividers cover each cymbal right up to the rim.

The internal bottom hard frame design keeps the cymbals safe even during vertical drops.

Inside, the eco plush fur protects delicate custom finishes. This eco fur has also the Child Friendly and Human Friendly Certificate. This fur is not only eco and soft, but also keep clean your cymbals.

Our bags are truly Portable because Crea-Re thinks in ecologic way and love ecologic transports. Two adjustable straps and one handle hallow you to comfortable bring your cymbals by bike, skate, bus, train etc. In traffic and in nature. Even if rains thanks to the rainproof materials.

Fits cymbals up to 22”
Front pocket fits cymbals up to 14”

Weights: approx. 1,9 kg/ 67 oz.

Only few models available.
Each piece is unique, handmade, water resistant, washable.
100% animal free. 100% Ecologic, 100% Sustainable, 100% Handmade, 100% Unique, just like you.