Eco electric bass bag eco electric bass bag 1

 Eco electric bass bag

Eco electric bass bag made with used truck tarps,  ad banners and safety car belts. Internally is upholstered with 2cm of double density foam. A soft ecological fur optimizes the protection of your instrument and keeps your guitar always clean.

The eco electric bass guitar bag is reinforced in critical points to protect the instruments from any accidents in the best way.

A pillow in the bottom protects the strap pin against potential damage.

A velcro strap around the neck, made from car safety belt, provides stability and keeps the guitar firm inside the case.

It has two adjustable shoulder straps and a handle to go everywhere. It’s perfect and comfortable to travel by bike, scooter, bus, train, metro, skate, horse, dog, cat, Yeti…

It has a spacious front pocket useful for carrying books, sheet music, cables, pedals, your goldfish, psychedelics frogs and all that you need to make great music.

This eco bass guitar bag will be available soon on Etsy and you can try it on Musikmesse Hall 11.0 Stand D71 from 07.04.2016 to 10.04.2016

Check other models available ready to ship here or contact us for a custom music bag order

Only few models available.

Each piece is unique, handmade, waterproof, washable and 101% eco-friendly.

Designed to fit electric bass guitars.

The best way to have your unique, personal eco electric bass guitar bag for Fender, Gibson, Music Man, Hofner, Yamaha, Ibanez, Epiphone, ESP, B.C. Rich etc…

Internal Measures:

Bass guitar case 119,5×39,8×7 [cm]

Front pocket: 26x34x4 [cm]